The Girl Who Wore Jordans

The Girl Who Wore Jordans

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The new girl. I know what you're thinking: this must be one of those stories where the new girl falls in love with the quarterback and they live happily ever after. You've heard that story about a million times; this is not one of those stories. In this story, the new girl, Elizabeth Turner, has a secret. On the outside, she may appear to be the pretty blonde girl who wears Gucci and Prada, but, on the inside, she's hiding something.

In Liz's former life, she was a tomboy. Growing up, her dream was to be a player in the NBA. She lived and breathed basketball. When she came to a suburb of New York for her senior year of high school, she made the decision to keep her love of basketball a secret. No one knows she plays. No one knows her past. Why does Liz shield a part of her life from her new friends? What's keeping her back from exposing the truth? Well, to some, she's just the girl who wore Jordans.


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Slim_Stan Slim_Stan Nov 21
Yo I get this. It's like when you shoot a piece of crumpled paper into the trash can and miss. Next thing you know you have someone telling you," I thought you played basketball?" or "Aren't you on the basketball team?" 😤🙃
Well...I thought this was too simple a story, one that reminded me of High School Musical, sans the songs. However, I can tell there's more depth to the premise and I owe you an apology. Good start to the story. I look forward to seeing what happens next!
OK OK what's wrong with any of that like other than having no girl friends that's me play sports with boys wear t shirts and sweats I don't wear Jordan's but still
Slim_Stan Slim_Stan Nov 21
Meh I don't mind this comment as much. He basically described me. Although, it doesn't mean I don't like to dress up either. 
                              P.S. I've been looking at the Jordan 29's and they're fresh. I'm gonna ask for them for Christmas. Wish me luck. 🙏🏽
Girls who wear Jordans in my school don’t even play basketball. They wear it for clout.
youfirst_ youfirst_ Aug 18
And also there's jordans for girls for a reason because girls can wear them too!