Reason To Run

Reason To Run

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❝He looked at me as I slowly took a drag out of the cigarette that was hanging out of my mouth.  'Why'd you leave?'

Blowing the smoke out, I looked over to him, 'Because...' I sighed as I flicked away the ash. 'You gave me a reason to.'❞
Annabelle Lee Hamilton wasn't what you would call "popular". No, she was far from it. She was the 'runt' of the Crescent Moon Pack and was bullied constantly.
However, she lives through the hell in hopes of coming of age and moving or waiting until her mate saves her.
Bad idea; her mate turns out to be the one and only Alpha's son, Alexander Joseph Miller. AKA: her biggest tormentor along with her own brother, Jason "Jase" Hamilton. 

She knows that he won't change, especially for her and he confirms it when he rejects her. So, with that in mind, she leaves. Packs up her stuff and heads to Dylan, her best friend and the Alpha of Fire Moon, the fiercest pack in the North American Continent.

But, what happens when she returns, stronger and better than before? Will Alexander want her back? Will she forgive him?

Because he gave her a reason to run, but can he give her a reason to stay?

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mgwescoat mgwescoat Mar 22, 2012
yeah she finally did it good for her.  I hope they rot in hell