Out In The Open [BoyxBoy]

Out In The Open [BoyxBoy]

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Christen Lee By facedown Updated Feb 17, 2013

Zach is a 17 year old boy with some issues,but hey we all have some.Although his are a little different. Zach 'came out of the closet' in the 8th grade and is now still being treated like shit.

School sucks for everyone but for him it's worse,for he gets rammed into lockers,called names,and treated like a freak by a lot of the students,he has little friends but only one he can trust with all his life,Daisy,the girl that never turned her back on him for a second and most likely never will.

But if school torture isn't enough at home he gets ignored by his own blood related relatives,being tortured by his siblings,and feeling hate from his own mother

He has even turned to drugs and self harm,and has been to rehab not once but twice,and is currently attending afternoon sessions now.

no one knows about the self harming,and drug usage accept for daisy.she tries to help him all the time to get rid of the bad habits,but cant do it alone and that's why she was the one who pretended to be one of his parents to get him into rehab to where as his parents don't give a damn.

Kole is the man whoring "homophobic" jerk of the school.He is captain of both football and soccer team.he's the guy all the girls want and all the guys want to be.And you might find this totally shocking but he used to be best friends with Zach,and is still in love with him.You might ask..... then why doesn't he show it?or why does he act like a homophobic? or maybe even if he like dudes the why does he act straight and like a homophobic when he is what homophobic's distaste?or maybe why doesn't he just ask zach out if hes in love with him?

well read on and you shall find out....

A/N ya srry if that was crappy description but i aint really good at them, although my stories are pretty good the descriptions suck so just please go read the story and comment and vote :) bye!!!

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tuby123 tuby123 Mar 20, 2015
I hate my middle school  and we have a lot of ugly guys at my school . Also we have a lot of bi, les, and gay. Which I didn't expect lol one of my friends is bi so she thinks I just told her to figure it out
facedown facedown Jan 06, 2013
@Chawwlie yeah, sorry about that. I haven't really edited anything :(
                              Thank you though :)
Cyaski Cyaski Jan 04, 2013
The first chapter is really interesting. Though the spacing and punctuation need more work.
facedown facedown Oct 12, 2012
@LuvWhoYouR haha thanks! and oh SANPPLE!!! you just made the 100th vote on this story!!! meaning you get the dedication to the next chapter, along with three more dedications from my other stories! congrats!!! and welcome to the Out-in-the-open-waffle-eating-bunny-fan-base-!
LuvWhoYouR LuvWhoYouR Oct 12, 2012
This is awesome... I wish i could of been here from the start my crazy friend Tiggermazz said i should check it out and she is totally right its awesome.
Tiggermazz Tiggermazz Jul 26, 2012
@facedown Aww no problem. I cant wait to see who ends up being him and Taylor also:)