Blank... (Editing Early Chapters)

Blank... (Editing Early Chapters)

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Heather Neal By HeatherNeal Updated Aug 01, 2012

Rose Flood was awakened and doesn't remember anything. She wakes up in a clinical room. Over time, under lock and key, she has dreams. Dreams of her past lives.... and her past deaths. Her love has been awoken when her caretaker senses danger. He remembers everything. As soon as he see her his heart breaks. Will she remember her past? Remember her destiny? Remember the man who keeps killing her over and over again? Or will she get lost and die? Because if she does she doesn't come back... this time is the last.

"My name is Rose Flood and I can see my past. And this is what makes all the difference. From me living or dieing by the hands of the man who has killed me over and over agian. This is my story as much as my pasts."

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