Too Little Too Late

Too Little Too Late

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Alex By heartquaffle2829 Updated Aug 22, 2017

Layla has loved Sirius Black for 6 years, but he never noticed her. When they all come back for their 7th year and Layla ignores Sirius he finally notices her... But is it too little too late?                                                            


29 chapters are unedited - please feel free to skip to the edited chapters (which are after the unedited) if you wish to as these are much better written and I believe follow the plot line more accurately. 

Unedited story = complete 
Edited story = incomplete

I DONT OWN ANYTHING BUT LAYLA AND THE STORY LINE!! Every thing else belongs to JK Rowling. MY AMAZING COVER IS BY SARCASM1101 who is absolutely amazing and you should read her stuff!

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MiniKitty27 MiniKitty27 Jul 04, 2017
That sweater in the photo looks super comfortable. 😂😂👌🏼
Fairytale-Enthusiast Fairytale-Enthusiast Jun 03, 2016
They're lilies. One lily. Tiger lilies, stargazer lilies.
                              It doesn't seem like a word, but it is. Only one L. Really the second L was probably in honor of the nickname Lilly as being short for Lillian. With two Ls.
                              But the flower and the name itself is Lily.
HRKOsgood HRKOsgood May 25, 2014
I prefer books that aren't bold, when they are it makes it seem like they are screaming everything that happens. Great so far though!
lucy_lane73 lucy_lane73 Jan 19, 2014
I love this! Btw you're doing a good job writing from the characters pov it's really believable.