Living With the Werewolves- If You Think Awesome, Think Again

Living With the Werewolves- If You Think Awesome, Think Again

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Tessa Brady By xmusiclover18x Updated May 24, 2018


I'm Calla and I am so going to tell you about my life living with my best friends that apparently were my brothers. I know right. How could you have 8 brothers and not relize it? Well my parents put me up for adoption when I was a baby scared that I wasn't going to turn into a werewolf becasue I was a girl and my mother was a werewolf but down lower on our chain and I took after her traits except for my height, how loud I was and now being a werewolf I guess. Well they were wrong because a couple of hours before my party that my friends were throwing me at their mansion, I turned into a werewolf and they had to drop the bomb that they were also werewolves, I was adopted when I was a baby, and their parents were my parents. Oh and for the grand finally, my real parents were there for the whole time, watching this unroll before their eyes along with my adoptive parents which luckily knew about werewolves because they met with my parents when I was younger and told them why they had to put me up for adoption. Oh and to complete it, I was now under custody of my real parents and they told me I would be living in the mansion, with 13 guys, 8 of them being my brothers, 5 of them being people I have never meet. This is the story of my werewolf life and how it can turn out better. Hope you like it.


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melissa-ruizd melissa-ruizd Jul 14, 2013
Its funny actually cause theres a series called nightshade by andrea cremer & its about werewolves & the main character is called calla her nickname is lily. Its my fav series thats how i know
xmusiclover18x xmusiclover18x Jun 12, 2012
@honestlie thanx i am really greatful for the advise and i will definetly take it into consideration for my next book
xmusiclover18x xmusiclover18x Apr 07, 2012
@maymay621 ikr 13 amazingly sexy guys at that
                              can you say yum
maymay621 maymay621 Apr 05, 2012
Ooh! That household is probaby CRAZY! I'd love to live with 13 boys in a mansion ;)