Coffee House {Tomtord & Eddmatt}

Coffee House {Tomtord & Eddmatt}

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Edd and Tord have been living together ever since highschool and into college. Edd works in a coffee house along with Tord.

They both have regular guests because of how cute they both are. Their usual guest are cute young lady's, some of them handsome young men. They get use to it, so they both just play along with the costumers. 

One day two young British men walk into coffee house, to check out what all the fuss was about this place.

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Candy_Exists Candy_Exists Dec 28, 2017
Wait, does Tom have eyes in that picture? He looks so weird with them
furiouscatlover furiouscatlover Dec 18, 2017
*clicking noises*
                              (if anyone remembers that vine tell me i forgot the name)
SarahTehSpookehSnek SarahTehSpookehSnek Dec 25, 2017
It won't be that much of a nice day if you wake Tord up that early
im_the_sin_lord im_the_sin_lord Oct 30, 2017
It's a grimlin Tord:3 sorry I just can't get that out of my head XD
I_can_ship I_can_ship May 25
Wait...Tom has eyes in that picture? I dont feel good about the eyes...
Me I'm smol. My whole family is taller than me. That's why the put the candy so high