taken by one direction (vampire)

taken by one direction (vampire)

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Kayla Coulter By KaylaCoulter8 Updated Jul 31, 2015



 chapter one

Kayla's P.o.v

hi I'm Kayla and I'm 13 year old girl its was a normal day until math which was the third period and i hate it all i could think about was my winning xfactor and yes in two years I'm gonna try out for xfactor anyway back to math we were learning something about shapes until i saw my phone in my pencil was ring and knowing me i wanna see who it was so i ask if i could go to the toilet the teacher nodded to i grabbed my phone and ran to the toilet and answered it.

"hello?"i asked

"hi is this Kayla"someone said with a deep voice. i thought i've heard his vocie before.

"yes that's me who are you?"i asked

"I'm harry, harry styles"he said i was trying not to scream so that where i heard the voice before

"where are you?" he asked

"I'm at school in the girls toilet"i said

"what school do you go to?he asked 

"beach side" i said then i realized what i just said...

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girlpower135 girlpower135 Oct 27, 2016
Omg i went to a JB concert thanks to my mom working for him !💕💕💕😂😂
TheLoneWhiteWolfx TheLoneWhiteWolfx Sep 13, 2016
Weeeellllllll... At least they'll be able to company each other...
Teasing_Wise Teasing_Wise Nov 26, 2016
Yup, just be like oh sence you kidnapped your mate I will kidnapped this person
mellamogerald mellamogerald Nov 03, 2015
Don't you mean... You and I *smirks because she's obviously proud of her pun*
ZaynxFtxHarry ZaynxFtxHarry Sep 07, 2015
what ? you're English is bad bae ! you should be more clear cz i don't understand !
kaykaycoults kaykaycoults Jul 31, 2015
Everyone I had to make a new account with on got hacked I've made a new story so please check it out xx