The Dragon With the Sword-(ON HOLD)

The Dragon With the Sword-(ON HOLD)

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RinBubbleteaXX By RinBubbleteaXX Updated Mar 20, 2012

She goes by the name Clarice. 
She is the heir of the Dracogon throne. 
She is a warrior.
She is a killer. 
She is sexy and beautiful.
She hides a deceiving face.

Just who is Clarice Dracogon?

Clarice Dracogon, the heir of the Heavenly Sword and the next Princess in line for the Dracogon family, had suddenly found that her sister was kidnapped by a group of human like werewolf called Wolferes. Unable to rescue her the first time, Clarice had set a journey in the World of Fantasy, where everyone and everything had magical powers, including Clarice herself. Gifted with the Heavenly Sword from her ancestor, she can only depend on the sword and her powers that is controlled by the mind and the heart. 

If she find outs that the man she met in the beginning was her lover and belonged to a race that was long rivaled with Clarice's race, how would she solve the problem?

Making friends was fine. Falling in love was fine. Killing others was fine.

But what happens when she remembered that her sister carried amazingly special powers that the ancestors of the Draciasos' race passed down to her every once 1000 years and once possessed, the user was unstoppable? What if the power was not given to the leader of the Wolferes but rather a brutal and powerful Fox Spirit that was the ancestor of the canines?

How would Clarice deal with such a tough situation?

RinBubbleteaXX RinBubbleteaXX Apr 08, 2012
@JaakSaule: Haha! It was going to be some what like Red Riding Hood but then my fantasy mind took over so I was like. . .let's shape this up a bit! No problem! I'm glad you like it! :'3
JaakSaule JaakSaule Apr 07, 2012
I'd say this is the best and most unique red-riding hood tale I've read so far lolz.  Never imagine dragons and werewolves fighting at each others throats XD but I really enjoy seeing that though so i thank ya for the idea! Keep writing~
RinBubbleteaXX RinBubbleteaXX Mar 13, 2012
@MusicWriter14 Thanks! For then, I was thinking of a change so why not another action story? C:
                              Sad thing, I still need to think this over. D':