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Pen Your Pride


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tiffanyshanaforks By tiffanyshanaforks Updated Mar 17, 2012

Alice Johns [Emma Watson] is just another ordinary eighteen year old girl; until her voice was heard from an old vampire who has been asleep for over centuries named, Gabriel Mitchell [Stuart Townsend]. Forsaken takes place to Gabriel hunting down Alice, but also more likely looking for her because of her voice awakening his slumber. Seeing her he had noticed that she is just an ordinary human, so at first he thought of just introducing himself to her and then wanting to kill yet, he took his time however. Meanwhile, Alice wanted to learn more about Gabriel, to what kind of a person he is. So she went to one of the pubs around Anderson Town to where she has seen him go, there she had realized that the people inside weren't just people, but monsters inside a human being - vampires, that drank human blood. Getting herself into trouble, Gabriel was there that night she went. Nearly getting brutally attacked by vampires that wanted to eat her, Gabriel saved her life. He had realized that taking his time on wanting to kill her himself, he had made some deep emotions that he never felt before towards a human. He ended up loving her, and wanting to protect her from others. But with people in his way, and people that would want to hunt Alice down, he had realised that it is dangerous if she is around him. So he left, leaving her to suffer. However he came rushing back to her after hearing her scream, her voice once again alerted him. 

She ends up becoming a vampire, and Jacob Maynard [Tom Felton], Alice's best friend who has been in love with her for ages does not like the fact that she became something she's not. But she did it to stay with Gabriel, the one and only, the one she truly loves.

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laynna16 laynna16 Sep 24, 2014
Please update soon. This is a very good story and I'm curious to see how it all plays out
AbbyWatson4 AbbyWatson4 Jun 10, 2013
Neat so far. :) I like it. Very awesome, as well as very well-written, too. (Plus, I wonder when Gabriel will come into the picture... it could be later on, maybe...)
                              Keep up your super-neat, very creative and phenomenally beautiful writing. :)
AbbyWatson4 AbbyWatson4 Jun 10, 2013
@KrysSalas I also love Queen of the Damned as well. It's both awesome and inspiring at the same time, and that's why I like it. :)
tiffanyshanaforks tiffanyshanaforks May 16, 2013
@KrysSalas Jacob and Alice has been best friends for a few years and they both have fallen for each other but neither of them can really admit it to each other because they dont know if the other one feels the same. 
                              Eg/ Jacob wants to be with Alice but doesnt know if she feels the same way.
KrysSalas KrysSalas Mar 14, 2013
Does jake think alice is his gf but alice believes their just friends?
NeonTreesxx12 NeonTreesxx12 Nov 03, 2012
Wow this sound very interesting....can wait to start reading this!!!