Heard the Blaze

Heard the Blaze

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Book #2 of the 2&2 Novels 

I can't hear. I'm deaf. Now for a werewolf it sucks. You basically can be snuck up on at any second. Someone can be behind you at all times and you won't even know it. You won't hear if someone needs your help either. And being Alpha to the Rouges doesn't make it any better. Thanks Grandpa. 

Also I met my mate. And no it's not weird for him
To be my 'cousin' it's very common in the Werewolf world. And then I rejected him. Whatever. Not like I needed him anyway. Right? 

Kamali Cawthon

First born to Jace Cawthon and Rae Moon
Born into a pack and was forced to become a rouge when her mother was killed in a fire, also she is Deaf if you couldn't tell already

AKA Miss.Alpha 

Mason Moon

Bastard child of Emerald Green and Ramon Moon
Half Werwolf and Half Vamp 
Unable for Alpha tittle 

AKA Mr.Omega
"It's okay. I put him away. Your safer" he said quickly. 

"*^Mason I know none of you will hurt me. Coal, Caleb or you. I'm not afraid of the monster or beast^*" 

"You should be. Why aren't you?" 

"*^ Two things. Your my mate. And the last thing^*" I had paused staring at his expression before continuing. "*^Im Alpha^*"