I Wish (Niall Horan)*Completed*

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Ayla (Wonder Woman) By CynicalGoddess Completed
Mikayla is Niall Horan's childhood best friend, but with her parents divorece she moves away right when he got on the X-Factor. Now two years later and One Direction is going on tour with Big Time Rush, who are like siblings to Mikayla. What happens when Niall gains old feelings that he once had for his best friend, and will Mikayla let him back into her life? *Completed and up for the 2012 Watty Awards* NOTE! I DO NOT WRITE THIS STORY ON ACCURACY! I KNOW THAT NIALLS PARENTS NAMES ARE WRONG, BUT HONESTLY I DON'T FOLLOW EVERY LITTLE DETAIL OF THEIR LIFE SO I DON'T CARE IF THEY'RE WRONG. YOU DON'T LIKE IT DONT READ IT!
Yea that's what I thought the divorce service and Santa lol!!
Don't worry I don't judge on accuracy, I judge on how good it is and TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!
I wish I was her.... not in that way you dirty minded people
start listing to little things here all through the flashback...it makes this more sad the
start listing to little things at this part all through the flash back...it's even more sad!
It always is when you look back on it when you're older ....