Life can be so unfair.

Life can be so unfair.

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almightynx3 By almightynx3 Updated Mar 12, 2012

“Say it.” She shouted in my face as I stared at her. Her piercing brown eyes seemed to burn their way through my scalp. I wanted to say it. The words were on the tip of my tongue dancing around as if they were waiting for a command. 

   “I-I..I..” I stuttered, my words slurred. She stared at me again but this time her eyes softened. She looked down to the white tiles on the floor as a tear dropped and hit the tip of her shoe. 

    “You can’t say it can you?” She wiped her eyes and looked back at me, that fierce glare returning. “Get out of my face.” She whispered. Although it was a whisper the words weren’t soft nor quiet. To be honest, it was like a bullhorn being blown into my ear. Her words audible only to me filled my brain leaving a trail of numbness behind. 

   “What?” I asked, the shock finally kicking in.  Her eyes wandered around the plain, white, dreaded walls for a few seconds before landing back on my face. 

   “You heard me, leave.” This time her words weren’t a whisper but a loud and clear order.

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