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The Warrior Alpha

The Warrior Alpha

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bashyrez By bashyrez Updated Jul 26, 2015

Ronan Carter is an average 16 year old omega werewolf when she gets kicked out of her pack by her oh so wonderful alpha. She sets out on her own and runs into not just the werewolf Prince, but her immortal warrior mate. He's possessive, controlling, rude, ruthless, and immaculately sexy....seems like a heavenly combination, right? No. Eventually Ronan takes matters into her own hands and runs away into the arms of another. Her actions hold heavy consequences for those involved and her past ends up being thrown back in her face. Can she handle it all? Can her mate control both his temper and his wolf and not kill every male with a pulse? Through many and I mean many ups and downs, Ronan and Vlad figure out how to be mates with one another while also battling other treacherous wolves along the way. Will their love last? Will one reject the other? Read The Warrior Alpha to find out!!!!!!!!   I REALIZE IM TRASH AT WRITING DESCRIPTIONS BUT JUST GIVE IT A SHOT!

OculusOrbus OculusOrbus Jun 10, 2016
That's not how you use the word retarded. But 5/6 of the commenters understand
Blueberrymintball Blueberrymintball Dec 13, 2016
I would never say something is effortless unless you have a 100. And only a 100. I would say easy if only if it is in the 94-99. A regular class would be 85-93. And anything below that is a bad grade. THIS IS JUST FOR ME.
OculusOrbus OculusOrbus Jun 09, 2016
Do you even know how long a mile is?! And you have to run to get there in 10-15 minutes!!! I think you mean 'kilometers'
suzannastinnett3 suzannastinnett3 Mar 25, 2015
this story is gonna be a good one !  I can tell from this start of it !
loki312 loki312 Dec 04, 2014
I have to leave my house for school before this chick even wakes up...
ImThatOneFriend ImThatOneFriend Dec 04, 2014
Nope. Not at all. 
                              Sorry, but you said criticizing you helps you. First of all, wolverines have nothing to do with wolves. Second of all, ironic means the exact opposite of what's expected. That name was completely expected. Something to do with cats would be ironic.