I Hate That I Love You (Princeton Love Story)

I Hate That I Love You (Princeton Love Story)

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Aaliyah_Unique By Aaliyah_Unique Updated Mar 11, 2012

Im in love with a boy who doesn't love me. He doesn't see me. All he can see is the new cool, cocky chick and her friends. We had been bestfriends since kindergarten. We do everything toghether. But when I start to fall in love with him..he starts to fall in love with Ashley.  

Princeton*: I love you
Me*: Do you?
Princeton*: Do you want to be my girlfriend?
Me*: Hell yeah (smiles)
Princeton*: How was it?
Me:* You didn't mean what you said?
Princeton*: No, I practiced..Im going to say that to Ashley
Me*: Ohh...(sad)
Princeton*: Do you think she'll say yes?
Me*: Ofcourse she will (fake smiles)

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baddestbvtch baddestbvtch Jun 28, 2015
Ha you walked in to the toilet and what washed your face with toilet water.just kidding I know you mean bathroom toilet is just how you say it in the UK. Lol