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Joanxlee By Joanxlee Updated 2 years ago
You can say, I guess. That my life is like Cinderella's. But there's a twist, but I can't tell you because my lips are sealed.
heyyy joan!! i didn't know you had a story! this is really funny so far, I'm gonna continue god damn
                                    It's faria
wow, it's really interesting so far. i'm still in shock that he insulted her outright even though she's the guest of honor. hello? does he even realize that she could have him taken out of her party? i don't mean to come off harsh, but he so deserved that punch that she gave him!
I really like your consistency in paragraph size! :)  And the fact that it isn't all just people talking, you have descriptions, etc.  Great job!
I think your writing style is really good and i have to say that this story is not what expected. Its good though and i like the plot. Nice job :)
Thanks for the dedication! :) There are a few mistakes but with a bit of editing, it'll work out! :) If you don't like editing, you can ask help from an editor in the 'Wattpad Editors' club. I voted! :) Keep on writing. It's the only way to get better! :)