The Lady of the Tower

The Lady of the Tower

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elleangel By elleangel Updated Mar 15, 2012

When a routine theft turns out to be more than Valien bargained for, he thinks that his life is over. Instead, he's given a second chance and taken on as apprentice by Samran Altare, Master of Arms at the Royal Academy. Valien settles into his new environment, somewhat confused but eager to please, ready to leave his thieving days behind him and begin a new life. 

He meets and makes new friends--his fellow apprentices: Jasel, Liall, and Cantiel, and his mentor Aennan. But secrets lie in wait for Valien. All is not as it seems in the Academy, and it all seems to point to the Spire, where the Lady of the Tower waits. 

But when something happens that changes Jasel's fate forever, Valien must ultimately choose between his new life or his friend.

  • academy
  • apprentice
  • friendship
  • master
  • school
  • secret
  • secrets
  • sword
  • tension
  • tower

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