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Snowflake is Andy Biersack's twin sister, but she was adopted at 1 years old. 

Now 22 years old, she gets reunited with her brother when their bands go on tour with each other. 

Find out what happens.

(I wrote this story when I was like 11 or 12 and just discovered what this website is so I didn't know how to write very well, so please don't hate to hard)

-beck- -beck- Jul 17, 2016
Sorry but I have to say Thor is the best hero and Loki is the best villain (not to mention their the hottest) ;)
ForsakenInnocence ForsakenInnocence Dec 30, 2016
I was like BATMAN and then I read that they were talking about Avengers and was like ;-;
stripes03 stripes03 Dec 29, 2016
Can someone tell me a good blood on the dance floor song? Cause I listened to one and I was scarred for life......     but they have so many fans, there must be a couple good ones
killjoys_live_on14 killjoys_live_on14 Aug 15, 2016
My brother Nathan looks just like Andy when Andy made that they don't have to understand song
killjoys_live_on14 killjoys_live_on14 Aug 15, 2016
I had to rush to the bathroom cause I was gonna puke cause of there ugliness
811450Z 811450Z Jul 28, 2016
                              AND I WONT CHOOSE BETWEEN MARVEL OR DC COMICS