Good Golly My Little Lolly: Dangerous Paths (Book 2)(Discontinued)

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Kaisa-Chan By Kaisa-Chan Completed
It's been six months since Lolly Shinjukaze had left the Leaf Village. She has since then retreated back into her shell and despite anyone's efforts won't come out. On the horizon is as always the looming threat of Soren and his unknown plan. However when Lolly is sent back to the Leaf Village and sees Shikamaru again she doesn't know how to react. The question is, will she ever be with him while the threat of Soren is still around and will she be able to stop him when the time comes?
You are a great writer i love this series it awwwwwwsome when shika and lolly broke up i couldn't help but cry and now she has to be there back with him it make me want sceam poor lolly. : /
Good chapter, though it's sad that Shiro would do that ... *Suddenly remembers something* I haven't sent you the profiles for the story yet, or finished the second chapter! *Hits head on wall then runs off to finish it*
@Kaisa-Chan Eh, I'll add themonce I've finished sending the first chapter.
@Kaisa-Chan Oh, 'kay. Got it. Okay, maybe skip the editing part and work on a title while I write the second chapter ... Hey, do you think you could read it over and tell me what you think?