The Time Lord of the Rings

The Time Lord of the Rings

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Ali By frickinawesomeno1 Updated Jul 28, 2013

When the Doctor gets stranded in Middle Earth, with a broken TARDIS and dysfunctional sonic screwdriver, and his only weapons are his bowtie, fez and brain, he can't think of anything better to do than join the Fellowship. Together they face old and new enemies, but never cease the long journey to destroy the One Ring at Mount Doom.

But the silence is growing. How will the Doctor win one of his greatest battles yet against an enemy he can't even kill? Sometimes defeat has to be accepted, and death has to be taken gracefully, and in large amounts.

Not today.

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TheClockmaster TheClockmaster Oct 26, 2015
The Doctor always makes up words for the TARDIS complaints. LoL snickers. Flux
TheDeadlyDoge TheDeadlyDoge Oct 27, 2014
Best combination in the world, bud. I'd congratulate you right now, but that might be awkward.........
SamanthaGamgee SamanthaGamgee Oct 05, 2014
DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW LONG I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR THIS COMBO OMG you have made wattpad a better place my friend ;)
EmilyAHolmes EmilyAHolmes Aug 15, 2014
I love this story! I'm cracking up at how funny it is! You know, the Doctor who looks absolutely ridiculous showing up in middle earth and everyone looking at him like "what the hell is wrong with you?" I love it!!!!
- - Jun 22, 2014
I think you perfected the essence of the doctor amazingly. Keep up the good work, I can't wait to read more. I think that has to be one of the best written fanfictions on Wattpad.
blasphemousrebel blasphemousrebel May 26, 2014
OMG i just found out about this and it  is really perfect! I never thought that i would See such a perfect story before and its just really OMG!