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Accidental Murder

Accidental Murder

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Oh.... I know this one... umm... By Fellkin Updated Jan 12, 2013

In her opinion, his hair was tussled, caught between "curly" and "wavy", "blonde" and "brunette".

His eyes were mischievious and a shade of green you might find on a lime.

He was about 5'6", last time he checked, and was slender and athletic. And, of course, smart.

Smart, but not smart enough.

In his opinion, she had hair that was down past her shoulders, and had beautiful, deep, and sorrowful eyes. She was around 5'1", he thought, and was sleek and graceful. She. was. hot.

In an instant, as if she knew what he was thinking (he seriously hoped not) she was there with her Dragger at his throat.

He gasped. She smiled. "Don't worry. I can't kill you." She grinned murderously.

He tensed. He hoped he didn't know what was coming next.


KiritoGungale KiritoGungale May 05, 2014
Oh yeah well I have a broadsword (however I actually agree with you so whatever)
Fellkin Fellkin May 31, 2011
@TheNewGirl Yupp. Zelric, Laetal, Maria and..... Spencer. Hahaha
TheNewGirl TheNewGirl May 31, 2011
AHAHA I love how you have like all these like big names and words in the book  (not saying I can't reead them) then it goes to 'spencer' it's like oh god I wonder what weird this is gonna be? Then I read it....spencer... *disapointment* XD
TheNewGirl TheNewGirl May 31, 2011
that's so cute! like having a boy around her age saying he'd take her in! Then shes only 3 so that means hes 3. that's too cute
Fellkin Fellkin Apr 09, 2011
@AfterP_BeforeR Weeeeelllll, in this, Death is reincarnated, and so, that's his name cuz he's still mostly human. ;)
Fellkin Fellkin Feb 13, 2011
                              SYLVIE12 = Clair
                              IZZY10 = Kerri
                              Fellkin = Maria sorta kinda.