The Boy with Glue in His Hair [screen play version]

The Boy with Glue in His Hair [screen play version]

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J.C. Gunn By WillFlyForFood Completed

Cassandra started her senior summer at college by moving into a coed dorm where she met Mark. Cassandra was tall, thin and had long black hair and beautiful green eyes. 
Mark was good looking and smart. Over the summer they became best friends and then lovers. Before she met Mark, Cassandra had never even been kissed. 

Her new roommates; Suzi and Jenny would teach her to laugh and be a girl, and Mark would help her gain weight and learn to love. 

Suzi was captain of the Volleyball team. She was blonde, muscular and had a wicked sense of humor. She had the reputation of a tough jock-chick and intimidated most guys. Her goal was to win a national championship and then make the Olympic team. 

Jenny was a voluptuous brunette and always seemed to be the best dressed girl on campus. She was also a math wiz and straight A's in her accounting major. 

Mark was finishing his engineering degree and a minor in history. His goal was to become an Air Force pilot
The four friends met by accident: 

...As I left our wing of the dorm and entered the central lobby of the third floor I heard a girl scream. It was not a bloodcurdling scream or anything indicating danger--just a silly girl scream. I quickly walked down the hall to be greeted by a semi hysterical topless girl who was waving her arms about. The first thing I noticed was her amazing green eyes and black hair. There's one more thing; she was thin, I mean really thin--somewhere between death camp survivor and Heroin Chic. She looked at me and shrieked "Get it out of my hair!" I wasn't sure what she was talking about until I saw a dragonfly. From her dorm room I heard another female voice laughingly say. "Cassandra put some clothes on!"

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wednesdaymccool wednesdaymccool May 16, 2017
Not sure why the title says "screenplay" when it bears no resemblance to a screenplay in either form or content, but so far it's a fun story anyway. :)
morningtides morningtides Jun 21, 2017
i found your book in the clubs on the general fiction thread and i'm so happy i did!  i've been looking for new and wonderful things to read and i think i've just found a new addition for my library!
kasross kasross Oct 20, 2015
You know, I'm sure that his name is Jean-Luc Picard. (just an fyi)  : )
bkbennett bkbennett Jul 28, 2015
This seems like it will be a fun story.  The voice is interesting  and fitting for a college age guy.
DallasHerrmann DallasHerrmann Jun 10, 2015
He's an engineer that doesn't apply Murphy's law to everything?
-bluenoser -bluenoser Mar 20, 2014
I really loved this chapter, you have a nice story here. :) I'm really enjoying reading about your characters, I cannot wait to find out more!