Soulmates  ~  { Destiel }

Soulmates ~ { Destiel }

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Everyone was born with a soulmate. Everyone was born with the ability to communicate with their soulmate through writing on their skin. Everyone, except Dean Winchester.

Dean Winchester was the exception to this rule. He had been desperately writing on his arms since he first discovered what a soulmate was, however, he never once got a response.

This is a Destiel Soulmate AU story and is compliant to the canon storyline. There will be spoilers for all the seasons, sorry! This will be set from Season 4 onwards. 

~ The updates for this will probably be extremely irregular, I'm sorry!! I am a student and I have lots of exams coming up. I have only been writing this whilst taking a break from revision and work just for a bit of fun really. I hope you enjoy what I write and thank you for reading!! Please leave me comments on what you think!  ~

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