Letters to Z

Letters to Z

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homi3girl3ll3n By homi3girl3ll3n Completed

When Kayla Weston dies, the world mourns her death respectably. But life goes on. For Josie Casella, things are different. She seems to be stuck in time as she tries to escape the pain and loss that comes along with her best friend’s demise. But when Kayla’s parents drop off a box of mysterious letters meant for Josie, she’s suddenly awakened to what little bits of Kayla she has left.

As time passes, so do the letters and Josie’s life slowly regains some of its normalcy. With the help of the Weston family, a few friends, and a special someone, Josie begins to heal until there’s nothing but a scar left to illustrate the damage done. But with each letter read, devastating secrets are revealed and views are drastically altered. 

Everyone wanted to know why Kayla did it, none more so than Josie. What she never realized was that the answer had always been right in front of her.

Sometimes the truth was just too much for one person to handle because it was rarely ever something so simple. And in Kayla Weston’s case, nothing had ever been more complicated.

Ostrichlvr Ostrichlvr Dec 04, 2016
Maybe she wanted everyone to think she was perfect so they won't suspect a thing
Ashley27smith Ashley27smith Feb 06, 2016
i love this book i have read it 3 times and still cry like a baby every time
kilbann kilbann Aug 26, 2014
She's too perfect. A people pleaser. Maybe she never made herself happy...
MsTheresa13 MsTheresa13 Jul 30, 2014
Bridget wasn't her real friend as she tried to make Josie choose between herself and Kayla
Madeline_Horan Madeline_Horan Apr 02, 2014
"Someone who wants you to pick between two people aren't a real friend" -MH
frozen_time12 frozen_time12 Jan 17, 2014
this is the best story i have ever read.....it is so amazing.....i love it :3