Arranged Mate Bond

Arranged Mate Bond

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SimpleH By SimpleH Updated Apr 04, 2016

When the pack of twenty year old Brooke Hamilton is under attack, her Alpha turns to an old friend and his pack for help. Things turn badly when both packs lose a lot of lives, including Brooke’s mate. 

Feeling responsible for the lost lives of his friend’s pack, Brooke’s Alpha offers her to their pack, as a replacement for the also dead mate of their future Alpha, Aiden. 

That leaves two lost souls caught in the middle of a deal made between two Alphas, who were going against nature by arranging a mate bond.


  • alphas
  • arranged
  • loss
  • matebond
  • relationship
barbie66 barbie66 Jul 01, 2015
i feel bad for the new luna ...i hope she knows what she is walking into  ....
AllyBoth AllyBoth Apr 14, 2015
is it weird I just saw the jump in slow motion then it suddenly sped up when he landed?
NatalieRoland NatalieRoland Oct 23, 2014
Brilliant book so far. Think he's going to fall in love again
BrisaSmiles BrisaSmiles Apr 14, 2014
Did anyone else think of the Walking Dead when they read this, or was it just me?!
shericab shericab Apr 13, 2014
hi I love alpha female. and I love this book so far its different from the other type of werewolf stories loving it so far.
sweethanz sweethanz Jan 14, 2014
Hey u hv a great story, i love it but i wish u can update every now and then insted coupla weeks :) wid a great story like this couple weeks feel like a month lol