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Broke In Seattle(slash)

Broke In Seattle(slash)

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Lost_In_London By Lost_In_London Completed

Five years ago
Thomas was waiting in a hallway outside an apartment in Seattle. He had no idea how he'd gotten there, but there he was. He was waiting to be ushered inside with a string of other guys to see who would be chosen to be some photographer's next model for his new series. Thomas had no idea who the guy was-some weird last name-but that didn't stop him from waiting in line. He needed to eatjust as much as the next guy. Since moving from London to Seattle three months ago, he had basically taken any job he could find that would supplement his income and allow him some time to go on auditions and to sculpt or to throw an occasional pot on the wheel at the community school near his dreary flat. Apartment. Whatever.
This gig should be easy. In the door to stand around in odd poses and then out again. Two hundred dollars was two hundred dollars. He imagined he'd have to put up with a temperamental arsehole photographer, some diva who was probably extremely famous, judging...

Cara-tesora-mia Cara-tesora-mia May 21, 2016
I haveny stopped laughing since he walked in that room. This is hilarious and my stomach musles ( yeah, we'll pretend like i have those) are hurting so badly. 😉😉😉😉
Cara-tesora-mia Cara-tesora-mia May 21, 2016
I think they may need some help figuring it out, if it taken them five years and they are stilll oblivious. They sound like an old married couple. I should know that.
SamanthaHeart9 SamanthaHeart9 May 30, 2016
LMFAO, I cannot even breath! XD God damn, this is the funniest thing I've read in a long time. They fit each other so freaking well its funny. ^^ I'm in love with this story so much and it's not even the first chapter. I'm going to enjoy this alot. ^^
JusAWhisper JusAWhisper May 25, 2016
If this was going to be a movie, I would try out for Aria so freaking much
I_Love_DIAURA I_Love_DIAURA Aug 28, 2015
I'm confused about Parker/James.  Is there a guy named Parker or did you mistakenly call James 'Parker' a few times?
I_Love_DIAURA I_Love_DIAURA May 08, 2015
Why did Thomas not have any idea how he got there?  1st paragraph.