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Say You Like Me (Grant Gustin / completed)

Say You Like Me (Grant Gustin / completed)

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Jess C. By jessclods Completed

Anna Faber is a nineteen year old girl that puts all her efforts on getting good grades and learning as much as she can. She lacks experience in many areas of life, she shows herself as a tough mature girl but on the inside she's really a silly sensitive girl. She rather goes to concerts than parties, with her friends from home. She doesn't have many male friends except from her bestfriend Will.  She doesn't really pay attention to any of her classmates in general until one day when her teacher decides to make a group project that will force her to engage a conversation with one of her classates. Will she find someone special between them? Read to find out!

maddelinex maddelinex Apr 24, 2016
my #1 pet peeve is when people say this. doesnt matter if its directed to me or someone else, even if idk u and i hear you say this i will go up to the person, probably beat them, and teach them how to be nice to a person, not make them feel like dirt, and manners ffs
karamelxwestallen karamelxwestallen Dec 10, 2016
JannahOcampo JannahOcampo May 28, 2016
I'm reading ffs of grant gustin bc I dreamt about him and me and omfogmfomdf i nee dmoitr
Pacify_Her_ Pacify_Her_ Mar 08, 2016
Omg. In some places people call them snickers. Okay ? So sorry if she is ( probably ) from a different place, and that she doesn't have the same vocabulary as you.
wanderslvst wanderslvst May 12, 2016
Not even halfway through the first chapter and there's already slut shaming lol. No thanks, I'll pass.
Mk gurl, let the dress in what the Frick frack they wanna.... Different strokes for different folks pal, you do your thang and let them do theirs