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Rejecting the billionaire

Rejecting the billionaire

200K Reads 6.4K Votes 7 Part Story
NnEeMmOo By NnEeMmOo Updated Aug 12, 2015

Twenty-two year old Mia Crane is living the dream. She lives with her extremely lazy cat in a one bedroom apartment in the heart of New York City and works as a writer for M Magazine's advice column. Okay, so maybe it isn't the dream. But it's everything Mia has hoped for, she couldn't ask for anything more.  Okay, so maybe a man in her life would't be so bad either. But until she can overcome how shy she becomes whenever she talks to the opposite sex, she'll have to do without much of a love life. Which she's very much okay about, But then enter Xavier Woodsen, known as the youngest billionaire in the world. Just passing the twenty-eight years mark, Xavier has succeeded to build himself a reputation as one of the most ruthless and cruel men in the business world. He takes down his opponents with a look and can get what he wants with a snap of his fingers. Any man who's met him describes him as cold-blooded, any woman who's met him describes him as panty-dropping sexy. Not that it mattered to him, his relationships never seem to go past sexual.  Until he meets Mia. Her beauty enchanted him, and he's not quite sure why but he feels drawn to her in a way he can't explain. But what do you think happens when Mia rejects him on the spot, leaving Xavier stunned at both the rejection and burning slap he receives?   I'll tell you what happens; an even more determined Xavier surfaces.                                                                                                                                                                             Because everyone except Mia Crane knows that what ever Xavier Woodsen wants, Xavier Woodsen gets and Xavier Woodsen wants Mia Crane.

Eeka_Pinka Eeka_Pinka Jun 19, 2016
first chapter and im drown with this story xD Im being srs btw
carnivalx carnivalx Mar 21, 2016
Just finished reading like 8 OMG talk about breath of fresh air
SuicidalImagination SuicidalImagination Apr 12, 2016
You are such a great writer I love this book already ! ❤️
voldemort_sclaf voldemort_sclaf Jan 29, 2016
I read Mr Potter...
                              Harry potter 
                              And iiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeiiiiiiiiiiiii will always love youuuuuuuuuooooouuu
Papi-Coco Papi-Coco Oct 24, 2016
Potter!!!!!!!! POTTER! !!!!!!!!! OMG GURL I LOVE U AND THIS BOOK ALREADY !!!!
LinaAlarabi LinaAlarabi Nov 21, 2016
Is it like STORM AND SILENCE ? I think yes, but here instead, the love will be announced and he's instead going to try to get her to him unlike Lilly and mr. ambrose😂😂😂😂😂