The Birds of Prey: Nightwing (Batman Fanfic)

The Birds of Prey: Nightwing (Batman Fanfic)

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Kat By Earth_ Updated Oct 26, 2018

He fell.

 First going limp then plunged into the darkness and was engulfed by it and my eyes were unable to see where he fell to.My hands groped at the glass my heart was beating sporadically as I clutched at the window pane. My breath came out ragged and seeped out over the window making it cloudy and even more difficult to see the one whom I love. 

Something sounded behind me, something high pitched and unpleasant. Someone was laughing. It got closer to me and I wanted to turn but I couldn't as I was imprisoned to my chair. Something touched my shoulder then it tugged on my fiery locks. Pain sprinted through my head and throbbed unpleasantly and I fell to the floor. I was dazed. Unable to get up, stars glazed over the top of my eyes. Something picked me up roughly and dropped me out of the window. 

I fell just as he fell. I lay beside where he fell. I died where he died. 


Nightwing is missing. 

Gone. Vanished. 

All clues lead to the joker, but he has disappeared.

Batman must work against the clock with Oracle as he fights to be reunited with his adopted son, Richard Grayson.

New and Old foes arise, tension builds between his allies.  It seems almost impossible to get back one of his closest friends. 

Damien Wayne, Barbara Gordon, Oliver Queen, Roy Harper, Tim Drake. Many more allies are willing to help  him get his first son back.

But many more enemies are willing to stop him.

Told from  multiple perspectives, will Batman and his ever-expanding team help get Nightwing back?

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Earth_ Earth_ May 05, 2013
@nightingale6800 @Ziggy15BOND @rocazwanjohi Wow, I really need to update :] Ive been really busy lately with studying and all that, that I totally forgot about updating. Thank you for all of your nice comments, means sooooo much to me :"]...Wow...
drmooze drmooze Apr 02, 2013
please update this is an amazing start!!! I really hope night wing doesn't actually die...he's too awesome
Earth_ Earth_ Sep 11, 2012
@GirlWonder15 @dragons29 @BlueWind22 @DirectorsCut  Woah totally forgot and about this story :] Thank youu <3 Ill space it out when I get the time, Im just busy at the moment xx Thank you for telling me! xx
GirlWonder15 GirlWonder15 Sep 09, 2012
I just have to ask.....when will you be updating this? Also can you just space your paragraphs? its a little hard to read. :) its really awesome so far.