The Wedding Dress Diaries

The Wedding Dress Diaries

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Aimee Carson By aimeecarsonmb Completed

Bridal shop owner Amber Davis dreaded the moment she'd run in to Parker Robinson while working on his sister's wedding. She'd spent every summer in the Hamptons with his family as a kid, fantasizing about kissing him. But she's shocked to discover that the confident boy who'd given Amber her first taste of love has become a man who mocks its very existence.

Parker can't believe the girl who used to follow him around has grown into a beautiful woman—one with some very naughty ideas when she fits him for his tux. But Amber also knows why he's shut everyone out of his life. She's not the kind of woman Parker gets involved with…even if he can't keep his hands off her.

Amber doesn't do one-night stands or casual hookups, but she's wanted Parker long enough to make him an exception—especially if she can convince him he needs love in his life, too.
Get in the bridal spirit with this prequel novella to the fabulous new Harlequin KISS contemporary romance series, The Wedding Season!

Look for all four books in the Wedding Season series from Harlequin KISS: The Unexpected Wedding Guest by Aimee Carson, Girl Least Likely to Marry by Amy Andrews, Maid of Dishonor by Heidi Rice and Last Groom Standing by Kimberly Lang.

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Bruh I had a crush on someone in 11th grade while I was in 8th he found out and he said I was too young for him ;-;
thiennha123 thiennha123 Mar 08
That's a horrible thing to say, and what makes it worse is she spoiled Reese but ignored him
Lyssa_S_122 Lyssa_S_122 Jun 25
"There ya go." Pat him on the back. "Now buy me a drink." Gesturing toward the liquor at the bar.
Solari_M_E Solari_M_E Apr 17
I love you!!!!! Can't. Stop. Laughing😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Wow, he was so much if a bad kisser that u gaged and threw up
                              U just got drowned and then u think about the guy that give u CPR and think about how he will be one of the only guys to ever kiss u in ur lifetime
                              Just like me