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"You talks too much, little thing...."
He grinned.
Staring at me, still.

A vampire-human Layho fan fiction. Sassy Suho and flirty & mischievous Lay. What will happen?? Surely, drama and a lot so much fun. 

I hope you like this.

#1 in Layho ❤ /was

Just Layho, don't expect for other ships. :)

Disclaimer :- I don't own this plot and story.
All credits to 1492 studio's game is-it-love? Drogo version. 

But i'm making this as bxb 'cause it's bxg role play game. 

And I liked this plot and game. What I own is I changed many things many sentence to make it fit in characters.

I don't own any characters...

All credits to their parents. :) <3 

Thank you. :)

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