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My Redneck (Sequel to That Redneck/ Daryl Dixon Fanfic)

My Redneck (Sequel to That Redneck/ Daryl Dixon Fanfic)

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Abbey By luckycharms2013 Updated 4 days ago

Life is broken. That's the only way to explain this damned world. You can't do anything without second guessing your decision, you think that what ever you do is wrong and I can't even count the number of times I've lost my morales.   I've had to do things that you should only have to see in the movies. Killing should only be something you hear on the news, but now I don't get a day without hearing people cry and whimper for help or mercy.   The world is broken, and it's all thanks to the damned corpses that rise up everyday and chow down on the living.   The only reason I haven't given up hope, the only reason I haven't stopped fighting, the only reason I haven't sent a bullet through my brain is because of one thing.   This thing that keeps me going, this thing fuels my body, this thing that makes me fight these diseased ridden freaks, is love.   The love I have for my family and friends is the only thing that's kept me here, it's the only reason I walk the earth with the dead.   Included among my family and friends is the biggest reason I didn't die at the beginning, he's one of the biggest reason's why I protect the prison with my life.   This man that saved my life countless times is my broken saviour, this man is none other than my redneck.

MLGstrider MLGstrider Jun 17, 2016
I loved that red neck  I'm not a romance novel reader but I liked the book it had me going on a bumpy ride of emotions can't wait to read this book
alexa27_07 alexa27_07 Aug 05, 2016
"I'm only human! And I bleed when I fall down!"🎼🎼🎧🎧🎤🎤
BiankiesIsMe BiankiesIsMe Jan 18, 2016
I think you should change the names of twd cahracters to your own original names and publish the stories. I know I would buy them!!!
heartofnirvana heartofnirvana Dec 13, 2015
Hey, for some reason I can't see chapter 42 or 41, could you take it down and re post it because I really wanna read :(
TheStoryTeller_654 TheStoryTeller_654 Dec 10, 2015
How do you get that many people to read your book?! I mean its AWESOME. But if you start with nothing how will anyone know?
Rockin_In_Black Rockin_In_Black Dec 02, 2015
The last book was awesome! I'm excited to read this one. btw my name's Abby too!! p.s. Have you seen the Vampire Diaries??