Blue Is The Warmest Color || Larry

Blue Is The Warmest Color || Larry

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(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)❤ By larry_psycho Updated Sep 09

Selective Mutism(SM) is an anxiety disorder in which a person who's normally capable of speech doesn't speak in specific situations or to specific people and remain silent regardless of the consequences.

Riddled with Selective Mutism, lavished on introversion and adorned with kindness, Harry navigates his way through his conflicted life somewhat stably, until one day his hazy shadow crosses Louis; a mysterious turbulent blue haired boy who hides everything-from a serious mental illness to an amazing talent in arts, and abruptly invades every aspect of Harry's life.

Everyone warns Harry that Louis isn't exactly 'normal' but at the end of the day, normality is a just paved way that's comfortable to walk but no flowers grow on it.

Harry falls in love with Louis. It's like he's watching a snowstorm, he sees the flakes falling but he does not realize until his whole lawn is covered. 
Their love is blue, it comes in waves and Harry may just be drowning.

I already am life threatening in love with the concept of this book and it's tugging at the edges of my heart . Thank you . ❤
DeeStyles2 DeeStyles2 Jun 29
15 parts..??? 
                              girl I have college at 7 in the morning tomorrow. ' sigh ' still ill read it  I know.
i started the whole reading the end if i have a feeling all bc of @larrystylinson and her book Painless. that story broke my heart in 2014 and it is still broken.
DeeStyles2 DeeStyles2 Jun 29
if I sob during reading this..' sigh ' I lv to sob over fics why am I being a pain. . if I cry that means this one is jam.
Fortune - Acoustic by William Fitzsimmons was playing as I read this . It is only the prologue but somehow , with this song , I began to cry .
Don't forget the cheek bones! Appreciate the cheek bones 😩