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Cancer Kid (on hold)

Cancer Kid (on hold)

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Ella By GinnyPotterGurl Updated Mar 27, 2012

People have so many expectations for their lives, what they are going to do, who they are going to do it with and when they're going to do it but none of us really know what is in store. You can plan for so many things but just one thing can knock your carefully organised life out of order. 

Picture this; a fifteen year old girl, she's got everything going her way, great friends, amazing family and good grades in school. Then the one event that throws her whole life out of order, makes all the things she took for granted seem so precious, things like seeing your best friend smile, hearing your little brother laugh, walking down the street, even just taking a breath. Because we never know what is in store for us and sometimes it isn't what we imagined, not even in the slightest. 

Cancer, Six letters, two syllables, one word. It is such a small word but it has such a big impact. Now if that one little, six letter word is put into a sentence, for example I have cancer. Only three words, not really that impressive, wouldn't get you two marks in an English essay and yet they can destroy a life. And finally imagine this; you've been feeling really sick, you suppose it's nothing serious, just a virus or something but then you go to your doctors and it isn't. Its cancer.