Pregnant With The Alpha's Baby

Pregnant With The Alpha's Baby

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Steph By Steph_Omgg Updated Dec 09, 2014

"Henley," Aaron whispered.

"Yes?" I asked.

"They're coming," He said.

"W-Who are coming?" I asked.

"The BlackMoon Pack," he said.

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  • baby
  • kidnap
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  • quadruplets
FictionisLife12 FictionisLife12 May 11, 2017
ok so i'm not gender bias or anything (heck i'm a girl and i'm all about woman empowerment and stuff) but when a girl usually say something like that something bad always happens
lovebooksforever19 lovebooksforever19 Jan 26, 2017
For me it's a turn off because guys at my school put so much Axe that I have headaches and I can almost taste it just by smelling it!
Destinywolf77 Destinywolf77 Jun 30, 2016
If she reached up put a finger to his lips and said you don't have to tell right before she passed out I would die laughing.
12dancingshoes 12dancingshoes Jul 30, 2016
Did any one else say that really creepy like and widened there eyes??? No just me?? Haters!!!
destinyyyxx destinyyyxx Jun 12, 2015
that's what she get don't listen but I must admit she handle it good
samanthazaborowski samanthazaborowski Jun 07, 2015
that's like " I'm God so I know everything " wtf? you ain't God... back the fudge yo bish fish