A Girl's Life

A Girl's Life

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Last name's Irons. ;) By Scallywag Updated Mar 12, 2012

After her sister’s awful death, Spencer’s world begins to spiral out of control. 

People started treating her differently, afraid that anytime she would break. Her parents barely talked to her because they reminded her too much of her sister. 

So when a new boy comes to town, the boy that doesn't seem to treat her like a fragile porcelain doll, Spencer thought that she could finally begin a new life, a life without being referred to as "The Sister of the Girl Who Killed Herself." But could she, really? Could she free herself from her sister’s ghost and shadow?

Because it’s not all fun—living a girl’s life.

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pickaboo pickaboo Mar 11, 2012
A wonderful start. Very descriptive and caught my attention, but extremely short. Sounds like it could be a very interesting story to read and I look forward to seeing more.
krisie7777777 krisie7777777 Mar 11, 2012
Nice way to start the story it makes u want to keep reading and gind out more. It made me hooked to the story. Great job and keep writing =) Voted
SnowWhiteSwan SnowWhiteSwan Mar 11, 2012
Wow! This is soo intriguing, I swear it kept me hooked to the last word. :) Beautiful start, it leaves the reader thinking of a million possibilities to what the truth behind the story is. And you gave clues too, which really helped me visualize the setting and mood already. Wonderful! :D
k8ybug k8ybug Mar 11, 2012
Wow. What an amazing way to start your story. Your first sentence is a hook and I would turn the page if you had more posted of this story! Great job. I can imagine I would react the same if I found my sisters body
-shayla- -shayla- Mar 11, 2012
Well, that was so not fair! It was so short and I need more! D; UPLOAD PLEASE.
- - Mar 11, 2012
that was intense! I NEED MORE! If I don't read more soon I'm almost sure I'll turn into a potato... and nobody wants to see that happen.