Rejection never felt better? ( on hold)

Rejection never felt better? ( on hold)

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Cookie monster By CookieMonster351 Updated Mar 17, 2012

Rejection is always hurtful, and to be rejected by your mate? Wow that must be painful,  but for Faith Walter, she couldn't be happier to be rejected.

Faith was alway the runt of the pack,hell, her own brother didn't even like her. she was chubby, and not the prettiest person in the world. But that didn't mean she had to respect them. On her17 birthday, when she was suppose to find her mate, and do all that stuff mates do, she figured out that Seth, Alpha of the firewood pack was her mate. So she wanted to reject him, it made it easier to reject him because she was rejected too. But she didn't plan on being kicked out of her pack, so what does she do, find a new pack, simple as that. 

What happens when Seth come looking for her, not to be a couple, but for Faith to be the beta of the pack. He didn't plan on a whole new Faith...

BreatheInMusic2525 BreatheInMusic2525 Feb 19, 2014
This Is an amazing story and I can't wait for you to take it off hold and update because I will love that chapter to. So please please please update ASAP!
sweetzzz sweetzzz Aug 21, 2012
Hey there I like how this book started she didn't give a...... whn will you update????
deepinsidemyheart deepinsidemyheart Apr 20, 2012
well, i can honestly say that this story will be sorta different from other rejection stories. 
                              but i also think that its sad, that you already put it on hold..... i hopw you will upload soon.