Unknown Bond

Unknown Bond

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Butterfly Quill By achudasama1 Updated Oct 07, 2017

Geet and Maan have both faced their share of heartaches separately. They are no longer the same people that they were many years before. Burdened with memories, circumstances and responsibilities, things have changed so much for them. While one is sad, but finds themselves dealing with the situation with support, sensitivity and sensibility. However, the other one uses avoidance, anger and acridity to face day to day challenges.

What they don't realize is that their tragedies are intertwined and the event and people actually tie them together. Will Geet and Maan be successful in solving this mystery? Moreover, will sparks fly when these two meet? Will they end up repulsing each other with their different thoughts and opinions? Will they become good friends and confidantes? How will they deal with their sadness: together or alone?

Join Geet and Maan on their amazing journey of forced friendship, undeniable attraction, breathtaking romance and inevitable love as they unravel the tangles and mysteries of their unknown bond.

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Valentine's Day - Abstract Ink Art courtesy of Kathryn Koozer, Seattle Artist, ink.kathrynkoozer.com, 2013

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FOURTH PLACE FINISH (Overall Genre) - The Authors Award, October 2017
THIRD PLACE FINISH (Romance) - Storyteller Awards, August 2017
THIRD PLACE FINISH (Romance) - Lilac Awards 2017
THIRD PLACE FINISH for BEST DESCRIPTIONS - Sour Apple Awards, Lollipop Contests, August 2017
SECOND PLACE FINISH (Romance) - Wattpad Oscar Awards, July 2017
THIRD PLACE FINISH (Romance) - The Holo Awards, July 2017
TOP FIVE IN BEST DESCRIPTIONS QUALIFIER - Sour Apple Awards, Lollipop Contests, July 2017
THIRD PLACE FINISH (Romance) - Iron Lace Awards, June 2017
BEST COVER and SECOND PLACE FINISH (Romance) - Hot Dog Awards 2017

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