Kings Prized Possession

Kings Prized Possession

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Kamiyu By canunciacion Updated Jun 17, 2018

I was always an outcast. Typically the shy girl who blushes and stutters by her own stupidity. But though in a state like mine, I always appreciate Life even at tiniest things 'cause I, who doesn't have that much, has no more than 'less' as well.

I lived a simple life with my Uncle to take care of me but the moving world I was once taking turned upside down which left me, landing in the arms Of a cruel beast. 


I stumbled on this thick snow while running as fast as My fragile little body could.

"Uncle Ramon!" I screamed which was supposed to be loud but nontheless came as A weak, soft sound of a helpless lady while tears ran down my face.

"No, Elizabeth, don't! Get back inside the house!" He shouted back, looking angry and shocked at my sudden appearance as the one I feared the most was standing there pointing a sword to Him.

My lack Of strength overpowered me causing Me to fall my knees down on the snow. I wasn't hurt but my glasses are no where to be found causing me to See things not very clearly but that didnt stop me from running and Kneeling in front of the beast even if my vision were blurry in addition of my lost glasses and tears

"I beg of you, spare the life of my Uncle and I'll come with you, as you ordered." I said while my head is still down as I hear my Uncle's screams and protests.

"Elizabeth, No! Get out of here! Don't mind me! He's A perilous man! Go!"

"Im sorry Uncle." I said trying to look at the figure who's tied up in the most brutal way. "Take me wherever you want my King. Just please, leave my Uncle be." I begged not bothering the cold weather.

He kneeled in front of me and wiped the tears using his bare hands. "Dont cry, my love. Ill take You Home. To our home. My dear Elizabeth."

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