One More Spoon of Cough Syrup [Zayn Malik FanFiction]

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This story is based on the song Cough Syrup. The song is about life experiences and how difficult happenings can get. It teaches you to move forward and leave those memories behind, look forward to the future.
    For Saniya, life doesn't have room for crying or breaking down when times are tough. You just pick yourself off the ground and carry on like it never happened- the exact same thing she lives by once the biggest blow life could throw at you hits her.  
    She'd always known many people who'd never followed that moral that she did. She'd also never met someone who took it too far. 
    This is Saniya's story and it is also Zayn's.
I saw the title and was immediately interested and hooked - hoping this book is good x
I love that song and I'm happy to start reading this, but I've always seen the song meaning suicide. a bit dark I know but that's just how I see it. though I love your view:)
I've had this story in My Libary about forever and I finally started reading it.. Wonderful title <- reason why I'm reading it <3 <3
The tittle was so interesting I just had to see what it was about ( great tittle ) love yah that's my singure word please fan please
The title and the description forced me to add this book in my reading list. I like it how the prologue is cryptic; but it also conveys the true thing about life.
the thing that got me to start reading this was the title. One More Spoon Of Cough Syrup, sounds nice.