If you are squeemish about the dead, blood, or guts, I highly advise you stop now.

RonnieRadkeRulesAll RonnieRadkeRulesAll May 13, 2012
@hafsa_indie Thanks so much, and I'm not very good at advertising so that may be why. But yea, thanks again for reading!
13IsLucky 13IsLucky May 09, 2012
@RonnieRadkeRulesAll cool, that's different (for you at least). It's hard to type because I have a frozen banana in one hand and I have to type with the other, it's sooooooo annoying!...sorry you had to hear about that...:)
RonnieRadkeRulesAll RonnieRadkeRulesAll May 09, 2012
@MZ46764 Lol thanks! and sorry this wekk's been busy with schoolwork but tomorrow I'm gonna start trying to write a book
13IsLucky 13IsLucky May 07, 2012
@RonnieRadkeRulesAll no but, I love it when people fan me and stuff, so I searched for a good story and instead found numerous amazing ones (yours). I became your biggest ever mega fan and now...I just want you to write some more so I can read them!!! :)
13IsLucky 13IsLucky May 05, 2012
I'm kinda obsessed...not creepy obsessed, no, but more like the kind were you love it so much and talk about it and your friends get annoyed and you red it over and over and over....
RonnieRadkeRulesAll RonnieRadkeRulesAll May 05, 2012
@MZ46764 Lol you should! I didn't think anyone would really like my stuff this much