Fin's Claim

Fin's Claim

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This time around the story concentrates on Fin and Victoria and their ill-fated mate pairing. 

Unaware of Fin, Victoria suffering under a father who hates her very existence and starved of affection, Victoria has a dalliance with another male and Fin discovers this. The male in question was his twin brother Grey. This led to Fin abandoning his pack, rejecting Victoria and embarking on a path designed to punish her by sleeping carelessly with as many females as possible. Events in Grey's Tribute have brought them together, and Fin claims Victoria as his mate while still hating the very essence of her being. However, the Moon will have her way, and she wants these two together whether they will it or not.

Victoria is forced to confront every demon she buried deep down in her fight for survival since birth. The main one being that her wolf is more feral than others, unwilling to bend to any and with a hunger to rule more territory. Her wolf's disrespect to his authority will force Fin to remind her of her place. 

Fin himself struggles with the past Victoria shares with his twin and the fact that it forced him to denounce his full potential as the most dominant alpha of the four packs around. Her wolf's challenge to his status will push Fin into accepting all that he is and could be, and in turn what they can be together. Unfortunately, his feelings for her are harder to change, and his struggle to forgive and forget will impact heavily upon their relationship. 

An emerging empire, omens of death and the two most dominant wolves compelled by fate to be together with or without their permission leads to an absolute rollercoaster of a story. I did not think I could feel more than I did reading this book. These characters are complicated and while they project an image of indestructibility to those in their world, reading this will show you that those who appear strong may have the hardest battle against their own weaknesses.

Thank you @Chortle for the great summary.

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Fall_for_Poison Fall_for_Poison 5 days ago
I read Grey's Tribute first. It made me hate Victoria. Let's see if this can fix that.
Fall_for_Poison Fall_for_Poison 5 days ago
This made me laugh because I've read Grey's tribute, I read that first
Aaaaarrrrrgggggg I cant handle this thing with her and grey coz I keep remembering meela
witrank witrank Dec 11, 2017
This is the best werewolf book I've read till date. It has so many intricate feelings described oh so perfectly. I'm guessing the author is editing it but it was really a very perfect book without even the edits.
I wanted to read Grey's Tribute first bit it's not completed
Fall_for_Poison Fall_for_Poison 5 days ago
Lol if only he was there for the whole thing. She was beating him. She was going strong