POSSESSION {Book #1 in the Dominated Series} (BOYXBOY)

POSSESSION {Book #1 in the Dominated Series} (BOYXBOY)

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Autumn Breeze & Ezra Winn By HONESTDYING Completed

What does a sadistic Time lord and a masochistic Technician have in common? Clockwork Gate. An old relic that kept the old world in and the new world out had been standing for eons. 

Levi from the first moment he had seen the hunk of junk had been trying to update it. 

Corvus was hell bent on protecting the last thing he has from his past. 

Time and time again Levi was warned not to touch the gate. You know what they say though. A hard head makes a soft bottom. Be good...or else.

*Age is measured in eons, not years.
* Spilled Ink In the Dominated Series is not the same company in The Billionaire's Bid. They exist in separate universes.

bryluenlush bryluenlush Jul 23
Oh man. Now you made me have to listen to Gucci on My by Mike Will Made It.
bryluenlush bryluenlush Jul 23
Walks slowly away and closes book. Sad that it shall never be read.
Bruh I looked at this and I got mad I read ahead and then read this part again why couldn't I stop laughing for minutes 😂 😂 😂
Me: Eight is no good, I'll be busy.
                              Also me at 8 o'clock: * watches an hour long video of SpongeBob saying "yea"*
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Idk why but handsome sqwidward popped in my mind and I can't remove it.
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Your professionalism Makes other writers on wattpad (me) look bad