The Song Guardian

The Song Guardian

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author Mark David By authorMarkDavid Updated May 02, 2017

A Tale of Two Continents. Mark David writing under the pen name of D.A. Marvik.

Two Continents, a world divide. One side of the world discovers the power of steam, its people living a slave-like existence working in black factories, where airships ferry coal and ore from the wastelands of the North. The other is locked in an age-old conflict, the grandure of past days fading as the days of the Emperors are replaced by the conflicts of traders and kings.
Welcome to the Voyagers and Kings epic.

The Song Guardian introduces the two continents, seen through the from child-to-adult eyes of Riórvik, a boy who is the last of his line to be trained under the watchful guidance of his Guardian, Old Crestan. 
On the other side of the world is little Beth, another child with another guardian being the grand-daughter of a Master of the Council, Danthrey. Master Danthrey doesn't enjoy the favor of the ruling Council he once did, intent on discovering why.
Riórvik and Beth are destine to meet and change both their worlds forever.

I'm using Wattpad to develop this epic I started back in the days, over twenty years ago. Dusting off the notes and timelines has been a daunting task, and a challenge I relish more than any other. Coming back to old material with new eyes, the memory of the writing long faded is like discovering gold. Here, with the help pf readers on Wattpad I hope to make it shine.

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