Hidden in Secrets

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marshmellowsrthabomb By marshmellowsrthabomb Updated 3 years ago
Waking up in a hospital with faces he didnt know looking down on him is a bit scary. Finding out he was in a coma doesnt get better and then doesnt remember anything because he lost his memory. Xenos pretty much is confused with his weird uncle who actually is also his bestfriend. and then a girlfriend that is as beautiful as ever, not only that but as sassy as ever. then finds out he got shot but also lost the most important people in his life and doesnt remember!! It's a lot to take in! help Xenos find out who he is and the rest of his mysterious past.
Could you take a look at my story A Second Chance At Love???? It would mean a lot :)
Amazing lol this is the sista and I can also edit it for you guy cuz I got a lot of sPare time :D ANYWAYS!! Keep writing! U guys r doin awesome