The Alpha's Instinct (Boyxboy)

The Alpha's Instinct (Boyxboy)

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Troye has a perfectly normal life, thank you very much. He attends high school almost regularly, and sees no qualms having a steady relationship with the inside of his closet. That is, until his big bad stepbrother Dallas decides to make him have some.     

Dallas has no problem with being the center of attention, I mean hell- he's going to be the alpha of a brand new wolf pack in a matter of a year. Moving in with his little fairy of a step brother? Now that's gonna be a problem.    

Little does Troye know, Dallas is going to create issues far worse than coming out of the closet.  WARNING: THIS IS A  BOYXBOY STORY (IF YOU'RE TOO LAZY TO READ THE TITLE)

gina0011 gina0011 Apr 26
It's weird cause this kinda feels like a fanfic that went wrong somewhere along the road. Not saying the book is bad just saying if it was a fanfic it'd be weird
I feel like this would be me but like I also know I would be having a panic attack and screaming...
gina0011 gina0011 Apr 11
IM LITERALLY HERE BECAUSE OF TROYE BUT LIKE WHAT IS THIS? Is this like a fanfic or like I dontt even
chocolatina18 chocolatina18 Oct 22, 2016
I swear this is Troye Sivan and his best friend Kayla. WHERE'S CONNOR!?!?
ForWhy1212 ForWhy1212 Sep 29, 2016
Well if that's how you choose to come out I'm sure nobody will question that your gay 😊
-ReignAdore -ReignAdore Dec 29, 2016
Yeah. Because thats something to say to a sexy person as himself who just walked into your house. Why not;
                              How did you get into my house?
                              For example.