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If I told I were a witch you'd probably automatically assume I have a pet cat and rode a broomstick everywhere. You'd also assume I cackled and cast spells of people I hated. That I enjoyed tormenting my local village and that I had green skin and warts. You might think that I dress in black and wear tall, pointy hats. And that my favourite day of the year is Halloween because I can go out and be myself. But you'd be wrong...

Moving to Rigby, Idaho, isn't something that every girl experiences, but then, Pippa isn't exactly normal. She's from a long line of witches who are in a constant war with the Hunters- A race dedicated to destroying all witches- Pippa finds as she moves that her dads immortality isn't the only reason for moving, and it is also to do with Hunters coming ever closer to her family, and as those she loves end up dead she realises the severity of the problem. Can she stop the Hunters before everyone she has to sacrifice everything, or will she find some unexpected allies in the most unexpected of people?


Currently ongoing, sorry for ages between uploads, I do try but I can't guarantee when I will write!

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CrunchieMuppet CrunchieMuppet May 11, 2013
@xlhasax Thank you very much :) I'm not the best at designing covers but I'll try to make a new one!
eavesdrop_ eavesdrop_ May 10, 2013
This is a great start.  The first sentence started it off with a bang, and definitely made me laugh.  You may consider getting a new cover, just to attract a bunch of readers, because this definitely deserves more votes.   Anywho, great job, reading on. :)