You and Me (A Wattpad Featured Story) ✔

You and Me (A Wattpad Featured Story) ✔

507K Reads 12.7K Votes 14 Part Story
Scarlett Rose London ❤️ By Iwritevariety Completed

A YA love story about the power of emotional heartbreak, the barriers in life that we may face and the actions of others close around us. Currently Featured on Wattpad!

Fifteen year old Sara thought she had the perfect relationship. Boyfriend Mark was kind, patient and a person that she could turn into in times of need. When a twist of fate suddenly spoils the happiness, Sara loses him and is faced with the path of loneliness. To deal with the trauma, she keeps a book of letters addressed to Mark and keeps writing in it regularly. Through these letters, she writes about school, the family drama, the altercations with people that make her miserable and hopes for the future. Through all of the pain, the emotions and the tears, will Sara's writing ever bring Mark back?

The journey of You and Me, accolades the story has received:
Number 32 on the Wattpad Teen Fiction Hot List
A spot on the Wattpad Featured List under Teen Fiction (Since August 2015!) 
WINNER of the Wattpad Spotlight Book Contest July 2014 
Romance and Teen Fiction Story Competition- Best Cover, Best Romance and Best Overall
Finalist in The Finished Book Contest (Reached Top 4)
Mystic Writing Competition 1st place winner
Featured on 'The Love Bug' reading list on the @TeenFictionCommunity profile
Featured on the "Teen Romance" reading list on the @Romance profile
Proud supporter of four various campaign profiles, see stickers on the story cover!

Old cover by @winterloverr

Current cover (Winner of the You and Me design a cover contest) by @badhabits-

ammaarahmia ammaarahmia Apr 03
Wow this is a very sad and emotional song i guess we all have our own experiances in life some worst than others...)
minnniemouse minnniemouse Mar 31, 2016
I love she replies back to everyone. But that is a beautiful name
_Alycatty _Alycatty Mar 06, 2016
... * you and I wrong grammar... sorry *scurrying away into corner* don't mind me
euphoriathroughwords euphoriathroughwords Nov 03, 2016
Love the lyrics ! I am so going to try out a tune for this ! XP
sara_winsky sara_winsky Mar 27, 2016
I sang this to myself and i made my own rhythm to it and for the last part of the song I combined a bunch of different lyrics from the other stanzas and I really like this, it's good.
volcanic_vicky volcanic_vicky Feb 27, 2016
I had this book in my library for months. And tonight, i am starting this! All the best!