Discovering Rayne - [ ON HOLD FOR NOW ]

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Susan A By foreversusan Updated 4 years ago
Perfect image? Well honey, not anymore.
    Rayne Willows is the typically perfect golden girl. But truthfully? She's not. No one sees past the perfect image to discover who really Rayne is. How her parents and so called 'perfect' boyfriend abuse her. And how the many bracelets on her arms cover old scars and new cuts. No one. Because she's broken and unhappy inside. But she's sick of it all and she wants out . How? Maybe with the help of a certain bad boy, who knows what will happen to Rayne and the secrets that the bad boy has been hiding from her.
@rainbowdelly same here. My names Rayne and its similar to my life. Lol omg
My Name is Rayne. And EVERYONE thinks I'm perfect. But I'm sad an broken inside. I love this
O.M.G that was so good you have made me want to read more you truly have a gift with words and you dont sugar coat feelings and the world today
This book sounds really good, and I loves the cover as well ^^
I actually really, really enjoyed this. I thought it was great. :)
hey your story is really good but it probably shouldn't be rated G