The Cowboy MXM {ON HOLD}

The Cowboy MXM {ON HOLD}

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NickoleWhite By NickoleWhite Updated May 16, 2014

"I like- no. I love the way your voice sounds." Zack whispered.    

"You city folk have a weird accent." Ryder chuckled deeply.     

"Us? Talk about yourself sir!" Zack laughed out.     

At that moment, Zack never expected a kiss from Ryder.     

Zack Asche Montgomery. Age 19. A run away from his own family. His father, wasting away in a hospital room, and a pushy mother trying to get him to marry a daughter that was loaded. Zach loved his father, but he couldn't marry a woman! He was gay for goodness sake!     

Ryder Simons. Age 23. He lost his wife from cancer. He has wanted to leave the horse ranch that they owned together, but Ryder couldn't leave what held so many memories of him and Samantha. He has never yet tried to move on. His heart was still with Samantha's.   

Little does he know, that a new boy in the small country town would change all of that.   


oop_ynniuq oop_ynniuq Mar 26
I like when people use that expression as a way to show they're hatf
Gracept Gracept Jul 18, 2017
This is silly. Anyone whose from the South knows that they only talk like this in movies and or if your really ancient
XxTest_MexX XxTest_MexX Mar 12, 2017
Did anyone else think of the movie Rango? No, just me? Carry on.
jillibean8056 jillibean8056 Jan 05, 2014
This is a great beginning! If you write a little more, people will be able to get a better idea :-)